LSU flipped the script on the Devils

I told you so, then I talked myself out of it. Then I told myself again, and still didn't change anything. Confused? So am I.

Duke simply was not athletic enough to compete at the highest level this year. Early in the year we saw it, knew it and tried to explain it. Late in the year, though, I somehow came to the conclusion that Duke -- or more specifically, Coach K -- would find a way. Boy, was I wrong. And right.

LSU had all the makings of a team that could beat Duke. Athletic guards who Greg Paulus and J.J. Redick would struggle to keep in front of, long wing players who would not give Redick any clean looks, and quality size and depth inside that would pound bodies at Shelden Williams while attacking the offensive glass. It all seemed to add up way back in December. It all seems to add up now. So why did I think Duke again was the real deal?