The best rise to the top in loaded Final Four

Wow: When I played in the Final Four in 1986, one national semifinal featured two pretty accomplished teams, Duke and Kansas. Going into that game, Kansas had won a school-record 35 games against three losses, and Duke had won an NCAA record-tying 36 games against two losses. On that floor, there were 71 wins, the most ever on the floor at the same time (by the way, Duke won 74-70 in overtime). Think about this one: Entering this Final Four, Memphis is 37-1, North Carolina is 36-2, Kansas is 35-3 and UCLA is 35-3. In total, the four teams have won 143 games against only nine losses. Wow.

Closest Call?: I cannot recall a Final Four with this kind of power and this kind of feel. We always say that any team can win, and we can make a great case for any one of the four teams. Each team has been considered the best team in the country by someone this season. Pretty impressive, and pretty cool.