Team preview: High Point

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(Information in this team report is as of October 1.)

The 2004-05 season didn't go much like High Point expected. Coming off a run to the Big South Tournament title game the previous year, the Panthers looked poised to pounce in the preseason last year.

But injuries and inconsistency plagued them and they stumbled to a 3-8 start. Second-year coach Bart Lundy started 11 different players at least once and after playing well at midseason, the Panthers dropped nine of the last 13 games, though an upset win at UNC Asheville in overtime got them to the conference tournament semifinals for the second straight year.

The Panthers lost seven games last year by three points or less and now they have lost nine players off that squad, including the top four scorers. But before shedding any tears for High Point, take a closer look at what Lundy's got coming back and who he has coming in.

"We're going to be really young but I feel great about where we are and what we've got as far as talent and the type of kid we've got," Lundy said. "We've got question marks because of kids that haven't played, but I think we'll be really good defensively. We're big and athletic inside."