Team preview: St. Bonaventure

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(Information in this team report is as of October 1.)

Anthony Solomon had always dreamed of being a college head coach.

Thus far, that dream has been a nightmare. Solomon took over a program in shambles after the Bonnies, then coached by Jan van Breda Kolff, used an ineligible player (Jamil Terrell) with a welding certificate. After Terrell was suspended and the program was forced to forfeit the games he played, things got worse when St. Bonaventure's players refused to play the games still on their 2002-03 schedule.

That's when Solomon arrived to clean up the mess. He went 7-21 in his inaugural season and then 2-26 last year. And the bad news wasn't just on the scoreboard. One recruit, a big man, was charged with plagiarism and a number of key players defected (i.e. Mike Gansey, Mario Boggan and Charles Burch).

After the Bonnies finished with their worst record in school history (2-26) last winter, St. Solomon (9-47 record in two seasons) promised changes -- and there have been.