Team preview: Texas-San Antonio

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(Information in this team report is as of October 1.)

Many college basketball teams stitch their players' names across the back of the jersey to identify them individually.

Texas-San Antonio might want to do the same thing, only on the front of the jersey.
Maybe with one of those "Hello, my name is …" stickers.

And that's just at practice.

If Aesop was right and familiarity does breed contempt, we should be a long way from any internal conflict on the Roadrunners sideline as coach Tim Carter will bring in seven new players, one of the largest roster turnovers in his 11 seasons at the school.

"I can't think of ever signing seven guys in one off-season," Carter said. "My first year here we lost seven or eight seniors and we replaced that group with a lot of freshmen and a couple of junior college guys.

"But that was all new and we weren't losing a lot of guys who already knew our system. This second time, it's going to be major."