UNC, Florida, KU are loaded; what can stop them?

You owe us on this one. We have made it so easy for you. As of October, we have told you definitively that Florida, North Carolina and Kansas are the best teams, the prohibitive favorites to make it to the Final Four and win the national title. You can trust us. We know.

Don't you just love the manner in which we annually crown kings in the preseason? With a confidence that belies a consistent lack of precision in preseason rankings, we arrogantly proclaim which teams are "locks" for the Final Four, which teams start the year as the "hot teams," like we are writing for some fashion rag, and which teams and players have a "buzz" around them.

We tell you the best teams before a single dribble has been taken in practice. We tell you which players will be awarded player of the year in each league before a single shot has been launched. And we tell you which coach will or should be fired before a single game has been played. We have all the answers.