Front-row ACC observations

Could we see this meeting again? It's quite possible. Getty Images

After looking at the Big East yesterday, today we turn to the ACC.

After being immersed in college basketball for four years, I've realized there are really only two things I ultimately think about the ACC. First, they don't play any defense whatsoever. But the second thing is, they don't need to play defense because they score so many points. Maybe this perception arose from the fact that I played in the Big Ten, where you have to get taken off the court on a stretcher if you want to draw a foul, and the final scores usually look like football scores at first glance.

Nonetheless, the ACC has always struck me as a conference that's loaded with talent -- and because of that, teams don't worry about stopping their opponent, since they know their opponent has no way of stopping them. In the end, it makes for an exciting brand of basketball.

But I'm not interested in hoops that exciting just now. What I want to find out is what the ACC's walk-ons think about the conference's best arenas, benches, understudies and cheerleaders.