Marcus Morris, Kansas will rise again

They won't start the season at No. 1 like last year, but Kansas is still a threat. Getty Images

When I sent interview requests to sports information directions of the Big 12, most of them quickly responded to let me know that the conference is called the "Big 12" and not the "Big XII," as I had always thought. At first I was embarrassed with my mistake, but then I realized that the conference's logo is the Roman numeral, so it's not really my fault that it is so misleading. Plus, we're talking about the same conference with schools like the University of Kansas (known as "KU" instead of "UK" or "U of K"), the University of Oklahoma ("OU"), the University of Colorado ("CU") and the University of Missouri ("MU"). It's pretty obvious that this is a conference that has a history of being misleading with its names. I set out to get to the bottom of all this by talking with a few walk-ons from the conference, but I never got my answers because we somehow got sidetracked and talked about cheerleaders and which school has the most comfortable bench.