College Basketball Confidential

Players and polls agree: the No. 1 Blue Devils are primed for another huge year. Getty Images

This fall, we interviewed 170 college basketball players for our always-tough confidential survey. As usual, we ended up with revealing answers from the players who play the games, a few of them smart alecks who did some surveying of their own. This confidential's Eddie Haskell is a standout America East player who answered all 20 of our questions, then had about 20 questions for us. "Do you know Doug Gottlieb?" he asked. Us: "Yes, he's a very nice guy." "How tall are you?" "Not as tall as you, Mr. Double-Double Threat." "What sports did you play?" "Hey, are you quoting us here?" "Nope -- these questions will remain confidential, and your name will not be appearing in print. Thank you." Uh, okay. Same to you.