Georgetown, Duke could stumble early

Bruce Pearl and the Tennessee Volunteers know all too well the perils of an early-season upset. Elsa/Getty Images

Hoops at last! The college basketball season has tipped off, and things will get good and frenzied this weekend. No fewer than 195 games involving at least one Division I team are scheduled for Friday and Saturday alone. That's just the opening act in a November that promises to provide plenty of entertainment for anyone hiding from the annual BCS debates.

Before we feast on all that action, I'm here to offer a helpful guide to some of the upsets you may encounter. I realize, of course, that "upset" is a relative term, now that we've seen a Tennessee Volunteers team ranked in the Top 25 lose an exhibition game by 15 at home to Division II Indianapolis. Still, I think it's likely that more surprises await.

Here are the games with the most upset potential in the days ahead.