UK both dominant and consistent

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Kentucky have played at an extremely high level in every game this season. Andy Lyons/Getty Images

How good is Kentucky? The Wildcats are No. 1 in the polls, the Bilas Index, our College Basketball Power Index (BPI), KenPom's power index, LRMC and Sagarin. Basically, computers and humans actually agree on something -- Kentucky is the best college hoops team in the land. (RPI has UK at No. 2, but RPI is a "blunt instrument," as Jay Bilas calls it, not a computer or a human.)

Kentucky currently has the highest pre-tournament BPI we've seen over the six years of analysis we've run.

Another thing we see with Kentucky is that it is consistent. Last week, we talked about the inconsistent teams -- Notre Dame and Florida State -- both of whom made BPI look good by playing poorly since then. Kentucky is not only the best team in the land, but the most consistent on our variation scale. In fact, they are the most consistent good team in the six years of BPI.