How Cinderella stays at the ball

Old Dominion could find itself improbably in the Sweet 16 -- with a few breaks. Getty Images

The "Instant Intel" series is designed to immediately respond to a team's first-round victory by looking ahead to its next opponent.

Having beaten Georgetown earlier this season, Old Dominion pulling an upset over Notre Dame isn't entirely shocking. However, the manner in which the Monarchs downed the Irish is almost unbelievable.

ODU shot just 23.1 percent from 3-point range, missed a third of its free throws and -- even more stunning -- was outrebounded by the Irish 15-8 in the offensive department. Take that line against Notre Dame and the fifth-most efficient offense in the nation and you'd figure to see a lopsided final score in favor of the Irish. Except the Irish were far from efficient against the Monarchs, a factor that ultimately proved fatal in ND's 51-50 defeat.