Dance Lessons: Be my wingman

Eric Bledsoe can be the star in time, but for the next two weeks, he should cede to J-Wall. Getty Images

How often have you heard the clich├ęs? "Defense wins championships." "Live by the 3, die by the 3." But are they truth or myth? Dance Lessons looks at NCAA tournaments past to see whether these truisms check out, and examine which teams they help and hurt in 2010.

Pop quiz, hotshot: If you were asked two weeks ago which point guard would still be playing, given the choice of Sherron Collins and the Kwadzo Ahelegbe-Ali Farokhmanesh combo, whom would you pick? You'd probably take Collins -- possibly the best point guard in the country this season, in some respects -- 100 times out of 100.

But Collins is back in Lawrence, and it's Farokhmanesh and Ahelegbe who are headed to St. Louis, the former as a hero in the heartland. The old adage is that elite point guards and centers are supposed to win titles. The Kansas Jayhawks had both. The Villanova Wildcats had an elite point guard. Texas A&M had legit point guard play.

What is going on here? And what does it have to do with the 1986 film "Top Gun"? More than you think.