An outside shot for the Vols

From a tactical standpoint, J.P. Prince and the Vols face a tougher battle Sunday. Getty Images

The "Instant Intel" series is designed to immediately respond to a team's victory by looking ahead to its next opponent.

Tennessee entered its Sweet 16 matchup against Ohio State with one goal: Make Evan Turner work for a full 40 minutes. The 6-foot-7 guard uses 34.3 percent of the Buckeyes' possessions (by far, the most on the squad), and both UC Santa Barbara and Georgia Tech had ideas for stopping him: either by hounding Turner with smaller guards the entire length of the court, or by using pressure defense to force the ball out of the junior's hands. But both of those plans worked to little avail.

So Tennessee opted to try a mixture of both strategies: Pressure Turner with Melvin Goins, Cameron Tatum and Josh Bone (all guards), then switch to the long arms of J.P. Prince and force Turner to give up the ball.

During the first half, however, UT's plan seemed shaky as the Buckeyes proved they weren't just Evan Turner and the Villainettes. Turner's backup band had names: William Buford had 12 points and Jeremie Simmons had 9 while the lead Villain -- Turner -- added 10. The Buckeyes shot 55.6 percent in the first 20 minutes and were already scheduling their Saturday workout.