How to beat: West Virginia

West Virginia presents a daunting challenge for Duke. Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

West Virginia, Duke, Butler and Michigan State have proved tourney-tested and Final Four worthy. So how do you stop them? We asked our experts to scout each team and craft a game plan to take it down. Each expert took his own approach to the problem, but the results are all the same. These are the blueprints to besting these Final Four teams. We start with Jay Bilas on how to beat the West Virginia Mountaineers.

Final Four Scouting Report: West Virginia

The Duke coaching staff will put together a detailed scouting report of West Virginia, including personnel, team and player tendencies, strengths and weaknesses, out-of-bounds plays and special situations, and specific offensive and defensive actions the Blue Devils will need to counter in the national semifinal on Saturday. However, while the coaching staff will be aware of everything, it will give only certain tendencies to the Duke players so they will not be overburdened, and can concentrate primarily on themselves. Some coaching staffs offer more detailed information to the players, but Mike Krzyzewski wants his players focusing more on their own team rather than the opponent. The players will get a two-page personnel report with specific keys and player tendencies to concentrate on, and it will look something like this.