How to beat: Butler

Butler's defense has stifled a pair of premier opponents thus far. Douglas C. Pizac/USre

West Virginia, Duke, Butler and Michigan State have proved tourney-tested and Final Four-worthy. So how do you stop them? We asked our experts to scout each team and craft a game plan to take it down. Each expert took his own approach to the problem, but the results are all the same. These are the blueprints to besting these Final Four teams. We continue with Joe Lunardi on how to beat the Butler Bulldogs.

Final Four Scouting Report: Butler

Butler (32-4) might not have the fewest losses in the country -- Kentucky (35-3) and Kansas (33-3) still hold that distinction -- but the Bulldogs have gone the longest without losing, making the question of how to beat them unusually perplexing. Butler hasn't lost since Dec. 22, a span of 24 games, so we're going to have to dig pretty deep to develop a successful game plan against Brad Stevens' team.