How to beat: Duke

Take Brian Zoubek out of the game, and you'll have a legit shot to knock off Duke. Getty Images

West Virginia, Duke, Butler and Michigan State have proved tourney-tested and Final Four-worthy. So how do you stop them? We asked our experts to scout each team and craft a game plan to take it down. Each expert took his own approach to the problem, but the results are all the same. These are the blueprints to besting the Final Four teams. We continue with Doug Gottlieb on how to beat the Duke Blue Devils.

Duke has a reputation, mostly thanks to the ACC's tendency to play fast and have great athletes, as a finesse team that shoots a ton of 3-pointers. Yet although Duke shoots 3s, the first and most important aspect to preparing to beat Duke is realizing that it is a brutally physical team that will crush a meek team on the glass.