Most likely upsets in the East Region

The Blazers may not be popular picks, but the numbers say they can do some damage. Marvin Gentry/US Presswire

It's time for a detailed look at how our Giant Killers statistical model sees the NCAA tournament brackets. We'll go region by region, and, as we did last year, we will sort potential upsets into four categories: Best Bets, Worth a Long Look, Not Completely Crazy and Stay Away. Hopefully, those names are self-explanatory; Best Bets have a good chance to win outright and Stay Aways are likely to lose no matter what. But we can't tell you exactly how to fill out your brackets in between, because that depends on how heavily your particular pool rewards upsets. (The more points you score when underdogs win, the more you should be willing to pick high-risk teams.)

We begin with the East Region. From an upset perspective, it's a very uninspired batch (but we've got to start somewhere). Other regions, with juicier upset potential, will be unveiled through Tuesday. Stay tuned.