Louis Nix and the Ducks' woes 

February, 17, 2010
Normally on Thursdays I do a concept called "The Argument," where I invite two people into the blog to debate a college football issue. I've been traveling a lot this week and I had some interviews moved around, so today -- instead of "The Argument" -- I'm going to roll out one of those instead.

It's been a while since the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have been outstanding on defense. One of the things the Irish have lacked: a dominant force in the center of the defense. Louis Nix from Jacksonville could be that guy; many recruiting analysts think so. ESPN rated him as the nation's No. 6 DT and No. 64 overall recruit. Here's some video of him and here's his ESPN.com recruiting profile, noting he can "really be a handful." Nix's recruitment is pretty interesting in that he committed to the Irish essentially when ND didn't have a coach, yet he stayed firm on his commitment to the school. I chatted with the affable 300-pounder Tuesday night.

How relieved are you that the recruiting process is over?

I'm happy that it's over, but at the same time, I'm not. I'm going to miss the fame. But I'm also ready to start working out and get myself in better shape.

You say miss the fame. What will you miss most about recruiting?

It's all the people that are talking about you. You're all over Rivals. You're all over the headlines. If something big happens with my life, people will know about it. Everybody knows who I am.

Yeah, but you're going to Notre Dame, it's not like people won't see you.

Yeah, yeah, that's true. But now I'm the guy on the bottom again, so I have to make my way back up.

How far away do you think you are physically from being able to contribute to Notre Dame?

In football shape is one thing, but I'm playing basketball now and I'm getting a lot of playing time. I think I'm in nice condition. Football-wise I think I could hack it, but I know I could do better. I'm going to be doing track and will throw the shot, and that should help too. I weigh about 315.