Kentrell Lockett is a king of Twitter 

August, 25, 2010

Twitter has provided quite an outlet for players, fans and the media; in the process, some pretty interesting stories have been conveyed through the microblogging medium. The NCAA/Marvin Austin story is one prime example of it. Each program seems to have a dozen players or so who have become pretty active on Twitter -- and with that, there is the potential for some headaches, which is why a few coaches have banned their players from tweeting. Earlier this week I asked my Twitter followers to submit names of the players they think are must-follows for college football fans this fall. We came up with 10.

1. Oleforty, aka Kentrell Lockett, Ole Miss DE (1,346 followers/1,593 tweets): (Twitter account)
Lockett was the runaway No. 1 suggestion when I asked the Twitter crowd which player fans needed to follow. Lockett, a guy who already has earned one degree in broadcast journalism and is pursuing a second in theater, once told colleague Chris Low he wants Mark May's job but wants to add the controversy that Charles Barkley brings.

And he apparently did that last spring when his Twitter feed, as is the case with many folks, became too controversial. Lockett explained to Ole Miss officials that someone else had posted some eye-catching comments from his Twitter account. His explanation may sound far-fetched, but since many athletes work off computers in common areas, it is plausible since accounts could still be logged on on those computers. Still, Lockett, like all Ole Miss players, was told to be mindful of what he posts on Twitter.

The Lockett Twitter dustup actually occurred a few months after Ole Miss had hired, a Vermont firm that monitors the social networking profiles of Rebel athletes and is triggered by certain words that can lead into sensitive subjects once each student-athlete has downloaded the software on his or her computer.