July, 12, 2005
1-95 Lookout
I'm road-tripping this weekend, off to Virginia for the ACC Kickoff event. The three-day function is always very well run and a great chance to reconnect with coaches and SIDs. I suspect the biggest event will be when Bobby Bowden and two of his players meet the media to field questions about the nightmarish offseason the Noles have endured. And since Cane Mutiny is coming out in paperback (with a new update chapter!) in a few days, I figure it's a good chance to shamelessly sell the book, as obviously I am doing here. Only in Virginia, I probably, hopefully, will be doing so with a bit more tact.

Aside from the Noles, I'm sure the hot topics will be: Can Marcus Vick cope? How many times has Miami star left tackle Eric Winston thought about "what might've been" had he not gone down with a knee injury? Will Calvin Johnson win the Biletnikoff? Can "Kiwi" from BC dominate the league? Is Bobby Washington ready for a breakout season at NC State? And, what the heck happened to Charlie Whitehurst, and what is new coordinator Rob Spence doing to "fix" him?