August, 16, 2005
Maybe it's the heat, but for whatever reason, suddenly the staid Big Ten is sounding a lot like the SEC.

Bernard Pollard, one of the country's top DBs, is in the doghouse at Purdue. The big-hitting and big-talking strong safety has been banned from practice for three days by Joe Tiller. Seems the coach thought Pollard's penchant for trash talking had crossed the line during Monday evening's practice, according to the Indy Star.

Apparently this relationship has gotten pretty strained. According to the paper, Pollard reportedly told "Tiller to 'give me my papers,' a reference to being given a release so he could transfer, although that apparently was said in frustration." I suspect this will all blow over. The Boilers are poised to make a run at the Big Ten title thanks to a lot of returning talent on D and a very favorable schedule.