Mailbag: ASU, Heisman hopefuls 

August, 25, 2006
Quite a week for Sam Keller: A few days ago Keller was the ASU starting quarterback before Sun Devils coach Dirk Koetter announced he'd made a mistake and was naming his No. 2 guy, Rudy Carpenter, the winner of the quarterback competition. Now the Northern California native is enrolling at Nebraska.

The events leading up through Koetter's flip-flop aren't quite as they'd been reported, I'm told. Word is that the decision to have an emergency meeting with the ASU leadership committee of veteran players was actually all Koetter -- not the players. "He'd actually called the meeting to get support for his screw up," says the source. "But really only one player [WR Terry Richardson] stood up for it. This is [Koetter] trying to cover his tracks."

After hearing that, I'm even more skeptical about how well ASU is going to do this season since this situation is so volatile -- especially knowing that Keller, who has a Brett Favre-type gunslinger personality, had been close to a lot of his linemen.