Miami needs to cut ties with Moore 

August, 29, 2006
The Miami Herald has the lowdown on Miami wideout Ryan Moore's incident the other night. Not good for Moore or UM.

I realize there is sometimes a lot more than just what is written in these reports, but given Moore's status with UM (he previously was suspended for the first two games of the season), I think it was a huge mistake to get anywhere near this kind of situation. Moore is a fifth-year guy and should have known better. He lost any wiggle room last year.

I don't think he will play for Miami again, and he shouldn't. In the last decade, Miami has done a nice job of cleaning up its image. There was a five-year stretch where there wasn't any police blotter stuff. But this offseason, the 'Canes have made some headlines, but it was mostly weird Jerry Springer-kind of news more than anything else. This Moore incident sounds much worse. UM needs to move on and take its chances with the younger guys. Keeping Moore around sends the wrong message, both internally and externally.