His name is Earl 

March, 26, 2007
Vanderbilt wide receiver Earl Bennett might be best known for the dubious celebration penalty he got hit with after his touchdown catch at Florida in 2005. But according to those inside the Vandy program, Bennett was probably the last guy they would've expected to get flagged for anything like that. Given all the gifted wideouts who are moving on to the NFL, I think Bennett is a legit all-American candidate. He is the definition of a go-to receiver. No one is more clutch going over the middle.

He followed up a great debut by snagging 82 passes in 2006, nearly all of them from a dual-threat quarterback with exactly three career passes entering the season. Bennett is also the only receiver in SEC history with two seasons of at least 75 receptions, and is on pace to blow away most of the league's all-time receiver marks.

In the spirit of giving an underrated guy some much-deserved attention, Bennett is the subject of a trading e-mails Q&A format I'm going to do this offseason.