Eddie Robinson remembered 

April, 4, 2007
I was really sad to hear about Eddie Robinson's death this morning. He was actually the first coaching legend I ever interviewed.

At the time, I had only been out of college a year or so, and I was working on a book idea about great college rivalries. To be honest, it hadn't been easy getting a lot of people to agree to do the interviews. Most coaches and big-name players said they were too busy. It got to be a pretty frustrating process, hearing no a lot. I talked myself out of calling a few of the biggest names on my list. Robinson, in my mind, was bigger than all of them, and I was on the fence about calling him until one of his former players told me how much he loved helping young people, so I figured I'd give him a shot.

I left a message with someone I thought was his assistant and assumed I probably wouldn't hear back.