Friday mail call 

April, 20, 2007
I'm trying to get back on schedule with the Friday mailbag. I'll also have a Wednesday list with next week's topic being NFL draft sleepers.

From Randy in Plano, Texas: Did Mitch Mustain just pick the wrong place twice in his young career (assuming the choice of USC as his destination is correct)? It has sounded like Mark Sanchez will succeed [John David] Booty and probably have two years unless he lights it up so much he leaves early. And having watched a LOT of the high school games on the dish last fall, I have to say Aaron Corp struck me as one of the most impressive QBs in the Class of '07. It would seem like Mustain would be stepping into a very difficult spot to get playing time in the immediate future.

Feldman: Let's not forget that Mustain was considered by many college coaches to be the top QB in his high school class. And with all due respect to Sanchez and Corp, pretty much any Top 25 program Mustain went to, he was going to have competition waiting for him. I'm sure Mustain realizes if he has NFL tools, he's going to have to step into the battles of daily practices to prove himself. It's also not like USC doesn't have a great track record of developing QBs.