Friday mailbag 

June, 15, 2007
I'm filing this week's mailbag from the NYC office as we thankfully finished editing the recruiting book on Thursday.

From John in Jacksonville, Fla.: Yet another UF football player arrested this week. They've got to be approaching some kind of record. That said, there hasn't been much press about any of the arrests aside from "indefinite" (whatever that means) suspensions. Over the last couple years, there have been twice as many UF players arrested than FSU and Miami players combined. Is it that football success leads to lack of discipline off the field or do you think that Urban Meyer's inconsistent approach to guys like Avery Atkins and Marcus Thomas set a bad example?

Bruce Feldman: I don't think it's nearing any record, although even getting into the discussion probably makes Meyer and AD Jeremy Foley cringe. For more on the offseason bad news board, I'll defer to the ingenious Fulmer Cup leaderboard that is the brainchild of my pal Orson at (He's probably cringing too since he's a UF grad.)