Best quotes in college football 

June, 27, 2007
This week's list is about the best quotes in college football history. I realize there have been a lot of great lines, barbs and emotional rants ("I'm a $#@$# soldier!") over the years. I'd love to read some of your other favorites, which I'll include in Friday's mailbag.

1. "Sam Cunningham did more to integrate Alabama in 60 minutes than Martin Luther King did in 20 years."
This hefty quote is about Cunningham, the former USC standout after he ran over a powerhouse all-white Alabama team for 135 yards and two touchdowns in 1970. (The Tide program wasn't actually all-white at the time since future San Francisco 49er Wilbur Jackson, already had enrolled at Alabama, but back then, freshmen couldn't play.) Over the years, that MLK line has been attributed to three different men: USC head coach John McKay, Bama head man Bear Bryant and Tide assistant Jerry Claiborne. Most believe it was Claiborne who said it first. The story behind that momentous USC game at Alabama is also being made into a movie.

2. "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog."
Who knows where this one first originated, although Ohio State Buckeye legend Archie Griffin, the lone two-time Heisman winner is one of those who gets credit quite a few times in document searches. It's very fitting too since Griffin was certainly not the biggest or fastest back around; only he was the most productive thanks to his grit and toughness.