Les says more: Miles takes on USC 

July, 2, 2007
Juicy story out of Louisiana this past weekend: Apparently, LSU coach Les Miles wasn't shy about saying what most SEC folks have been thinking for years. That not only is the SEC the best conference in college football, but Miles also ripped the Pac-10, with a particular eye toward USC. The source of the story was Miles' interview with WWL radio in New Orleans, with the quotes reprinted in the Baton Rouge Advocate:

"I can tell you this, that they have a much easier road to travel," Miles said of the Trojans. "They're going to play real knockdown drag-outs with UCLA and Washington, Cal-Berkeley, Stanford -- some real juggernauts -- and they're going to end up, it would be my guess, in some position so if they win a game or two, that they'll end up in the title [game]. I would like that path for us.