Rants, raves for Les Miles 

July, 6, 2007
Les Miles' rant about other conferences, in particular the Pac-10, dominated the mailbag this week. I'm including many of the best reactions from those who loved what he said and those who hated it.

From John in Dallas: Les Miles' comments in regards to USC and schedules prompted me to do a little research:

USC's record over the last five years is 59-6 including an out of conference (OOC) record against BCS teams (including Notre Dame) of 16-2. LSU has gone 52-13 (7-3 OOC BCS), Auburn 50-14 (6-5 OOC BCS including two losses to USC) and Florida 45-18 (5-7 OOC BCS). How can we fairly compare the strength of a conference when they rarely play anyone from outside their conference affiliations and when they do, they post mediocre results at best. I guess I have been brainwashed to believe the SEC is a far superior conference and maybe from top-to-bottom it is, but how do we know for sure when it seems that all they are doing is padding their records with patsies OOC and playing competitive games in conference. Another interesting fact concerning USC and its scheduling: In the past five years, USC's winning percentage in conference is virtually the same as it is against OOC BCS teams (37-4 vs. 16-2). Would USC's record be as good if it was in the SEC, we can never know for sure, but my guess here is yes because it would be forced to dumb down their OOC schedules like the rest of the conference (no more home and homes with Nebraska, Ohio State and Notre Dame) and focus on the big conference games instead. Pete Carroll's record in big games at USC is pretty strong.