Friday mail call 

September, 28, 2007
From Wallace in Cary, N.C.: I have a NCAA rules question. In the LSU win over South Carolina on Saturday, LSU ran a fake field goal where the holder flipped the ball over his head to the kicker, who ran for a TD. The holder's knee was on the ground during the entire play, from the snap to when he flipped the ball to the kicker. Shouldn't he be considered down once he had possession?

Bruce Feldman: I got this question a few times this week. It's an interesting twist on the logic of the rules of college football. According to Rule 4-1-3(b, exception), there is an exception that only applies to holders on placements, and by rule the the ball may be advanced, kicked or thrown.

From Ryan in Boulder, Colo.: I sat down on Friday morning to start reading "Meat Market," and I was so enthralled that by the time I went to bed that night, the book was done. I was wondering if you're following the players in the book closely this season because of the contact that you had. Are you still keeping in contact with them? Which of them (that are actually seeing playing time) have you found to be the best surprise and the worst surprise so far?