Saban tops this week's story lines 

October, 30, 2007
I am filing this week's most intriguing storylines at 2:15 a.m. PT Tuesday. I have to run to LAX in a few hours for a flight to NYC for some more book meetings regarding "Meat Market." I had set the alarm for 4:10, but am such a nervous sleeper whenever I have to be up way early for anything that I barely sleep at all for fear of oversleeping -- which has never actually happened to me. Instead, I just basically stay up all night and run on fumes the next day. As I was saying …

1. Saban's revenge: So Nick Saban gets a crack at his old team, the LSU Tigers, with a possible SEC title game berth on the line. The hype on this one will be second only to Patriots-Colts in the national sports scene. The "Saban Game" -- as much as everyone connected to it will try and minimize the coach's emotional impact here -- would be even bigger were it at LSU, given the Tigers fans jilted feeling toward the new Bama coach. Still, people have been pointing toward this matchup since the day Saban was named Bama's coach, and not just because this figured to be LSU's toughest road game all season. The Tide have been a little better than expected, and expectations are rising after their thumping of Tennessee a few weeks back.

On Monday, Saban gave credit to Les Miles and his staff for developing the talent Saban left at LSU and for bringing in and developing players that helped the Tigers continue to win, Carl Dubois writes in this story, which also has a great shot of the zany Miles.