This week's story lines 

November, 13, 2007
1. Big on the Big 12: For much of the year I was convinced that the SEC and Pac-10 were the two best conferences, but if you look at the BCS rankings, you'd have to think otherwise. Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri all have legit shots to play in the national title game. In fact, it seems like all three have a good chunk of their own fate in their mitts since either KU or Mizzou will face two top-six teams in the last few weeks of the season. Mizzou, which is the lowest ranked of the three, actually has a chance to make a better case than the Sooners since they can beat the undefeated Jayhawks, have already smoked a CU team in Boulder that beat the Sooners and then would get the chance to avenge their one loss, which came in Norman, in the Big 12 title game.

My hunch is that Oregon could get left out in the cold, but there's still a lot of football left. I suspect Ducks fans will be rooting like mad for Michigan to beat Ohio State. A fourth Wolverine loss would send them completely out of the top 25 while a win over OSU would probably jump them back into the top 15. Also, the Ducks need USC to keep winning. The notion that the Trojans have really sunk would undercut the Pac-10 quite a bit.

2. Ohio State-Michigan: Sure, the game still means everything to the huge fan bases of these two schools, but beyond those with Rose Bowl curiosity, it means nothing to the national title chase. But, there still could be wide-reaching ramifications to this one. Rumors are buzzing on the internet how this might be Lloyd Carr's last game (not sure if a win or a loss would be more likely to send him packing). If that were to be the case, it would trigger some enormous dominoes: Les Miles to Michigan, followed by a bidding war perhaps for Tigers D-coordinator Bo Pelini between LSU and Nebraska, which might force the Huskers brass to poach another head coach and then … well, we are getting waaaay ahead of ourselves.