And the award goes to ... 

December, 6, 2007
This fall, Thursdays have been picks day, and since there aren't any college games, I'm going to hop out on the limb and predict the winners in tonight's Home Depot College Football Awards show.

Bednarik: The award for the most outstanding defensive player comes down to Dan Connor, Glenn Dorsey and James Laurinaitis. I think Dorsey will win it, although I think Laurinaitis should get it. It's not that I don't think Dorsey is a great player. As I've written before, he is, but for about half the season, he's really been hobbled by injuries (back and knee), and from talking to some SEC coaches they say he's a dramatically different player than he was last season because he simply doesn't have the explosiveness he used to have. He's still been dominant at times, but I think Laurinaitis has had an even bigger impact.

Biletnikoff: Michael Crabtree, Mario Manningham and Jordy Nelson are the finalists for the top receiver honors and I think Crabtree, despite being only a freshman, runs away with this one. And he should. His numbers are outrageous. He caught 125 passes, for almost 1,900 yards and had 21 TDs. His stats almost double what Manningham did.