Friday mail call 

December, 7, 2007
I'm starting this week's mailbag with some coaching thoughts before we sift through the BCS fallout.

From Daniel in NYC: It sounds like lots of proven head coaches are turning down a lot of good jobs this winter. I liked the list of top assistants from the other day. What coordinator would you be most interested to see get a head coaching job?

Bruce Feldman: Actually, the guy I'd be most curious to see get his own program actually wasn't on that list. It's Norm Chow, who of course is now in the NFL. The guy is a great teacher. (Just ask Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart or Philip Rivers.) No one has a better track record of grooming QBs or putting together a gameplan. Anyone who has worked with him says he's brilliant. The knock has been that he doesn't interview well or that he doesn't seem comfortable to do some of the external things many head coaches are expected to do when running a program. I don't think that'd be a big issue if he were to hire the right staff. I've been told by several people very close to him that he really wants the UCLA job. I think the Bruins would be making a big mistake not to at least meet with him.