Friday mail call  

December, 28, 2007
Here is this week's mailbag:

From Lenny in NYC: I know you've talked some about Bobby Petrino, Rich Rodriguez and Nick Saban and all the lying that head coaches do, but really don't you think this is an even bigger deal? It ridiculous how these guys can go into recruit's homes and try and talk about integrity.

Bruce Feldman: I agree, although as I said the other day, there's almost 360 degrees of fibbing that goes on. The ADs and college presidents lie. The coaches lie and the recruits announce their "commitments" and then go into how they're, say, 60 percent committed. In fairness to the coaches, I don't think we often hear enough about some of the behind-the-scenes battles that happen on the other side of all this. Take a look at the mess that unfolded at Colorado State. Sonny Lubick had been the best thing that ever happened to CSU football. He won six league titles and took that program to nine bowls in his first 13 seasons. They'd even named the field after him. He did things the right way there, and then a new administration comes in a few years ago and insists he fire a few of his assistants and Lubick stays loyal to the staff who helped him build that program and says he won't do it. The relationship between head coach and school brass was never the same again, and not long after that, the AD forced him out.