End-of-year awards 

December, 31, 2007
Since the New Year is upon us, time for some season-ending thoughts and awards.

Dude of the Year: Les Miles. The LSU head coach was constantly in the spotlight, for both good and bad reasons, starting with his inflammatory comments about the welterweight status of the Pac-10 in the summer. And, the more we see of him, the more we get those Howard Dean-esque soundbarks any time he's in front of a podium. More importantly, Miles' daring fourth-down calls against Florida and other gutsy (reckless, perhaps) decisions kept everyone on the edge of their couches. The flirtation with his alma mater only made things more interesting and now he waits near the finish line, hoping that his "damn fine" football team is good enough to beat Ohio State.

Florida AD Jeremy Foley deserves some mention here. Talk about living right. His football and basketball programs won national titles, his star football player won the Heisman and the big Boston fan is riding an unprecedented wave of greatness from the Beantown pro teams.