Opening up the mailbag 

February, 15, 2008

Here is this week's mailbag:

From Jessica in NYC: Do you think the probation that FSU is going to be on will scare off recruits?
Bruce Feldman: I don't think so. I think it might be different if you're looking at an NCAA ban on going to bowl games or not being able to play on TV, but otherwise recruits are going to see it as business as usual. And that sure does seem to be the case because FSU has moved fast to get some commitments already from some celebrated 2009 prospects. Among them: WR/DB Willie Downs; DB Jajuan Harley and DT Jacobbi McDaniel, who piled up a whopping 30 TFLs last season for the 2A Florida state champs. What you're seeing now is this is clearly Jimbo Fisher's program. Fisher's the guy who ultimately has the final call on who his assistant coaches are gonna be and also what the direction of the program is. Thus far, I think it's playing well, but who knows what kind of impact it will have when the Noles actually take the field later this fall.