Big 12 conference ready to talk tiebreaker 

May, 6, 2009
The Big 12 head football coaches are meeting Wednesday in Phoenix. One of the items on their agenda is whether or not to change the conference's tiebreaker rule. Obviously that subject led to a big controversy last season, when Oklahoma, Texas and Texas Tech finished in a three-way tie at 7-1 in the Big 12 South. Ultimately the tie was broken by virtue of where the teams were in the BCS standings, enabling the Sooners to go to the Big 12 title game -- and eventually get a shot at Florida in the BCS title game.

The Longhorns lamented not having the SEC system. The SEC model states that the team with the highest BCS ranking advances, unless the two teams are within five places of each other, in which case the head-to-head competition between those two teams is used as the ultimate tiebreaker.

Texas coach Mack Brown can't make the meetings because he is staying in Austin. Sally Brown, Mack's wife, is set to undergo a second surgery on her right wrist.

I spoke to Tech coach Mike Leach on Tuesday for his thoughts on the meetings. "I'm going to propose the same thing I proposed last year," he said. "That we use graduation rates to decide it as the tiebreaker. After all it is college football, right?"

It's an interesting point, although there is plenty of debate about how accurate graduation rates truly are. It's also a point Leach knows he probably would never get approved since his school's graduation rate was 79 percent; Texas was at 50 percent and Oklahoma's was 46 percent.

Realistically, why would those other schools even consider something that they know would go against them? They wouldn't, but Leach, the guy who graduated from Pepperdine Law, is going to make his case anyway. I think it would be pretty entertaining to hear that at least.

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