Ulatoski toots his Horn 

May, 13, 2009
Adam Ulatoski might be the most polished offensive lineman in the country. The 6-8, 302-pound Texas Longhorn, a former prep teammate of ex-Mizzou QB Chase Daniel, has started 30 games in his career, earning All-Big 12 honors twice. He's also a two-time first-team Academic All-Big 12 performer and has made UT's Athletics Director's Honor Roll seven times. I recently had a chance to speak with UT's left tackle on a variety of off-the-field topics:

Q: What kind of adjustment was it for you after playing in the spread at Southlake Carroll to the offense at UT?

Ulatoski: At Texas, we have more of a downhill running game. In high school I was never in a three-point stance. We didn't even have a tight end. On goal line we were still in a four-wide set. I guess you could say our spread was more like [Texas] Tech's.

Q: How much did you think about a pro future in terms of development and system when you were going through the recruiting process?

Ulatoski: My parents raised me to think academics first. UT obviously had great academics, and I was used to winning at Carroll and Texas has a great tradition and I knew they could also develop me as a player.

Q: In your bio, it says you played the euphonium. Of all the instruments out there, what makes one take up the euphonium?

Ulatoski: My parents made all of us try out an instrument to broaden our horizons, and I just picked that one out. It's an octave below the tuba. I started playing it in the sixth grade and I enjoyed it. [The people in the band] tried to make me chose that over football, but it was so time-consuming. I do wish I played it every now and then. It was enjoyable and I made all-region band.

Q: Which player in the program is someone you think is really going to surprise people this season based on what you've seen this offseason?

Ulatoski: I'd say Aaron Williams. He's always competing. He's really strong and big for a corner and he makes great plays on the ball.

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