The SEC power struggle 

July, 10, 2009
I'm leading off this week's mailbag with an item on one of the country's top players:

From Kurt in Omaha: "Is this the year the Cornhuskers take back the Big 12 from the Big 12 South, and can Ndamukong Suh win the Lombardi Trophy and become the top pick in the next NFL Draft?"

Feldman: I still think there's a sizable gap between the top of the Big 12 South and the North because Texas and Oklahoma are at such a high level. I also think Oklahoma State will challenge them this season. To me, you have to be a top-5 team to win the South, while you really need to be only a top-15 team or even a top-20 team to win the North. I do, however, like the direction coach Bo Pelini is headed with NU. From speaking to players inside the program, I've learned that NU has gained much better leadership and has gotten its work ethic back. Apparently it wasn't quite like that three or four years ago. They're getting back to becoming a more physical program again, and that's key. Unfortunately, in a conference with great quarterback play, the Huskers are pretty suspect right now. I'll be very curious to see how they do at Virginia Tech in Week 3.

Insider, NCF