The 10 most dangerous spread offense QBs 

July, 20, 2009

The spread has become the in thing in college football in the past dozen years despite its somewhat vague description. Some spreads employ a running QB (Rich Rodriguez's WVU attack). Some spreads don't have the QB run at all (Texas Tech). Some allow the QB to run just enough to keep the defense worried about it (Mizzou's Chase Daniel-led offense). This week's top-10 list: the dual-threat QBs who would be most dangerous in a spread. (Caveat: I'm using the more run-based spread here and some of these guys might not play in a pure spread, but we're looking at QBs who could excel in that scheme.)

1. Colt McCoy, Texas: Like the feet. Love the accurate, quick-trigger arm. McCoy unloads it about as quickly as any QB and hits on a ridiculously high percentage. He completed an amazing 77 percent of his passes, plus rushed for 11 TDs on a team that really didn't have a feature RB.

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