Friday mailbag: Tebow and the media 

July, 24, 2009

The issue surrounding the question put to Tim Tebow about whether he's a virgin has gotten some folks fired up in the past 24 hours:

From Drew in Denton, Texas: How much lower can the media get into its Tim Tebow craze? ESPN is becoming Tebowvision. And now other saps are taking their cues from y'all. You have guys keeping blogs devoted to everything Tebow and now you guys are asking about whether he's saving himself?!?

I also received this one (among a slew of others) --

From Tony in NYC: I think those people outraged about the Great Tim Tebow being asked about whether he's a virgin or not are ticked off because they feel like an outsider and not someone from the (mainstream media) asked the question. Don't they get that if Tebow is putting biblical passage on his eye black and having stories about political hot button issues, he might be opening himself up to these kinds of questions?

To read Bruce's take on the Tebow virginity story -- and to find out whether he thinks this season is Bob Stoops' last good chance to win another national title in Oklahoma -- you must be an ESPN Insider. Insider