Norm Chow on UCLA, USC and more 

August, 11, 2009

UCLA is a team primed to go from "not" to "hot" this season, thanks to the arrival of a great recruiting class and a second season of Rick Neuheisel. (Read Rick Reilly's column on this topic.)

A huge part of the Bruins' potential for success in 2009 can also be traced back to offensive coordinator Norm Chow, a guy with an unparalleled record of developing great quarterbacks and potent offenses. The term "guru" tends to get thrown around a lot in football circles, but it works for Chow.

He not only helped groom Jim McMahon, Steve Young and a handful of other star QBs at BYU, but also mentored Philip Rivers at NC State, transformed Carson Palmer from a shaky starter into a Heisman winner at USC and then did the same with Matt Leinart.

I recently sat down with Chow to discuss the Bruins' growth, the national change in defenses and the Week 2 matchup against former USC colleague Lane Kiffin.

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