So if it's not McCoy, Tebow or Bradford … 

August, 11, 2009

Bruce has previously written about the top 10 best players with absolutely no shot at the Heisman Trophy.

Last year's three finalists for the Heisman Trophy -- Colt McCoy from Texas, Sam Bradford from Oklahoma and Tim Tebow from Florida -- will be the front-runners to repeat in December. Upsets do happen in college football (McCoy and Tebow know this -- Texas Tech and Ole Miss in 2008, anyone?) and there are some other viable candidates out there. As for my previous list of players with no shot at the Heisman, I'm amending it by removing one person, Eric Berry from Tennessee.

To read Bruce's case for Eric Berry, learn who his ultimate dark horse is (think Pac-10), find out about an amazing workout Ed Reed did at Miami that Taylor Mays is now channeling and see about some Florida recruiting shockers, you must be an ESPN Insider. Insider