The best pro QB prospect you've never heard of 

August, 26, 2009

Excited about the season? Of course you are. So check out one of Bruce Feldman's preseason top-10 lists to get psyched, such as "The 10 biggest unanswered questions of 2009" or "The top 10 running backs of 2009." Now, onto today's action:

Never heard of quarterback John Skelton? Me, neither.

But apparently NFL scouts have -- and they are very intrigued by the huge 6-foot-5, 258-pound senior, who plays where Vince Lombardi played his college ball. According to Eb Samuel of the New York Daily News, the Jets, Broncos and Redskins all have sent reps to Fordham, and the Colts and a handful of other teams have requested credentials to scout the squad during the season.

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