10 best coach/program fits 

September, 16, 2009

My colleague Ivan Maisel digs into a fascinating subject: How vital it is to find an ideal fit for a football program in terms of the persona and style of a head coach. Some guys I think just would excel no matter where they ended up -- Urban Meyer, Nick Saban and Bob Stoops immediately come to mind. Other guys, though, just seem to be ideally suited to a given place and culture. This week's Top 10 list: best coaching fits.

1. Bronco Mendenhall, Brigham Young Cougars:

Not a lot of coaches would fit within the BYU framework, but Mendenhall thrives there. He and his staff not only get what BYU is about, but I've been told by those close to the coach that Mendenhall genuinely epitomizes it. "He's really a straight-arrow and is into giving speeches," said a source. Mendenhall's work leading Eco Challenges also meshes well with his school's active, competitive spirit. Check out this ESPN The Magazine piece from last year, by my colleague Chad Nielsen.

To see more reasoning for Mendenhall at No. 1, as well as to see where guys like Pete Carroll, Joe Paterno and Frank Beamer rank on Bruce's list -- not to mention three key recruiting nuggets -- you must be an ESPN Insider. Insider