Heisman health, BCS busters, NorCal vs. SoCal 

September, 29, 2009

After a pretty wild period from this past Thursday to Saturday, let's reset with this week's top elements:

1. The health of Heisman-caliber quarterbacks

Expect almost hourly updates on the status of Gators hero Tim Tebow right up 'til kickoff for the Oct. 10 Florida-LSU game. A more pressing issue surrounds the guy who was last year's Heisman Trophy winner -- Oklahoma's Sam Bradford -- as the Sooners travel to Miami to face the Hurricanes, who got blown out by Virginia Tech during this past wild weekend.

OU coach Bob Stoops said he has been pleased with Bradford's recovery since he sprained the acromioclavicular joint in his throwing shoulder during the Sooners' season-opening loss to BYU. If Bradford isn't ready, OU fans should feel much better about understudy Landry Jones, who's coming off a six-touchdown performance against Tulsa on Sept. 19. Here's what Stoops said Monday about the Jones-Bradford schism:

    "The game plan is the same for each," Stoops told reporters. "It's similar. It's not as if one guy is [a] scrambling [quarterback] or a Wildcat guy. As far as the game, we have the same one for all of them. It's worked the last several weeks for Landry. In the end, it's just getting the number of snaps to get them comfortable so we'll be able to evaluate where Sam is."

The other pressing issue in that game is, which Miami team shows up? If Jacory Harris has a really good game against a stout Oklahoma defense, he could climb slightly back into the Heisman race after last week's rough showing.

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