Week 5 Wrap: Miami not yet The U of old 

October, 4, 2009

Lots of folks will be talking about how Miami is back, again. After all the Canes, 3-1, more than survived playing four straight ranked teams, including three ranked in the top 15, and knocked off a supposed heavyweight Saturday night. However, I'm not going there yet with all this "The U is back" stuff.

A 4-0 start through the roughest first month of a season in over 30 years (the 1978 Rice Owls were the most recent team to open with four top-20 opponents) and then I think it would have been hard not to say that the Canes were in fact back. But there was that clunker against a fired-up Virginia Tech team on the road in the rain. The old Canes would have been able to withstand the Hokies' intensity and respond with focus. This Canes team couldn't, or at least didn't. That said, it is impressive that they rebounded this week, especially after such an ugly start Saturday night that had most observers thinking "blowout" at around 8:30 ET.

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